colorful space station

Neon spaceport

two men hugging in the threshold of a door to a gray house

Coming out

Created for the 2020 Shibuya Pixel Art contest. Read more about the inspiration for the piece Here

small cyberpunk street corner with japanese signs

Little Tokyo

cobblestone street in the evening

Summer in a strange city

This was inspired by my girlfriend's trip to Strasbourg. She talked about how peaceful and magical the city felt, expecially at night.

Gothic spacestation

Locomotion lullaby

See this piece in motion Here. An animated collaboration with music by hey_frostiiie.

Long train home

My favorite part of travelling is probably just riding public transit. I love

Strange magick

Sad Machine

Made for Second Sky music festival, inspired by the song "Sad Machine" by Porter Robinson

California suburbs

Rooftop refuge

Kitchen interior study

Hoenn kaiju

Inspired by Pokemon Ruby

The end of Neo Tokyo

Based on the explosion scene of Akira, made for MegaVoxels Jam 2020

Simpler times